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We offer the larger corporations: A complete range of medical services with an emphasis on care, accessibility, time lines and respect. Our clients benefit from privileged access to our entire range of care. Prices are also negotiable for our larger customers.

Many of our staff (General Practitioners, nurses and receptionists) have been working with us for nine or ten years. We have the philosophy that we are all in this together. We proudly source our receptionists and nurses from the local community where each Medical Centre is situated. This ensures we support each community by providing jobs for local residents.

We also have an indigenous health employment policy and specialist indigenous health staff members in each Medical Centre.

We are Centres of high quality best practice care; our Doctors provide quality evidence based medicine. Every one of the Medical Centres we work with is fully AGPAL accredited.

We have fully trained Workplace Health and Safety trainers as employees plus a ‘Return to Work’ coordinator for our own staff.


Return-To-Work Medicals, or clearance, is an important workplace health and safety practice.

Safe re-entry into the workplace can sometimes mean customising a work plan that won''t risk aggravating or escalating an injury. Employees will be given a certificate of fitness upon completion of the consultation.

QLD Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme
Coal Board Medical

This medical involves completing a questionnaire, hearing, breathing, eyesight and colour blindness testing and then a thorough medical examination.

An appropriate Supervising Doctor 
for the mines must then sign off the ‘Section 4’

Pre-Employment Medical
Pre Employment Medical

A detailed medical which will involve completing a questionnaire, hearing, breathing, eyesight and colour blindness testing and then a thorough medical examination.

These Medicals are designed for positions other than mining. We have
included our Pre-Employment Medical Form, but some companies prefer to use their own forms.

Functional Capacity Assessment

This is an assessment to make sure you will be able to perform the work safely, easily and will not put any of your colleagues at risk.

Although it varies from job to job, it will include a back examination, joint
examination and a range of movement assessments.
Wear loose clothes and gym shoes.

Mine Rescue Medical
Mine Rescure Medicals

This Medical is not for the faint hearted.

This is a comprehensive medical with additional assessments that are specific to the physical demands of this role.


VO2 or Step Test

This is an assessment of a person’s fitness and is a demanding test for a person who is not reasonably fit.

It is performed by placing you on the heart monitor whilst you step up and down to a beat on a large step for a prescribed period of time.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

This is a supervised urine screening test and also a breath test. Photographic ID must be produced. The test is designed to identify illicit drugs or medications which may affect your ability to work safely.

The implications of a positive test are totally the employee’s responsibility.